Guilin China 2019

26 Students, 3 Instructors and 3 classes made for an interesting trip to Guilin, China. I had the honor teaching and co-leading students in a photography, sociology and history class. I of course did the Photography class and Dr. Ho Hon Leung taught Sociology and Dr. Matthew Hendley taught History. It was a inter disciplinary approach that benefited all the students who attended. The students were to understand and analyze the relationship between the nature and development of cities and the functionalities, meanings, and symbolic power of architecture from a cross-disciplinary approach. In addition, they looked at the balanced development between the built- and natural-environment.

Photographically they were pushed to produce meaningful images that required them to interact with their environment and the people. They were very successful in interacting and talking with people they encountered and ultimately making better images. All students increased their cultural awareness and respect for China. Below is a collection of some of the imagery from my Photography students.

These photos were made possible in part from the generous support of Canon USA.

Guilin China, 2019

Longsheng Rice Terraces, Ho Hon Leung © 2019

Professor of Photography, Wesley Bernard  Jingyun Chen ©

Professor of Photography, Wesley Bernard

Jingyun Chen ©